Introducing Switchboard

Hi there and welcome! We would like to formally introduce you to Switchboard, the service that lets you take control of how people reach you.

We created Switchboard to make it easy for people like you to route incoming calls and messages. With Switchboard, you get a virtual phone number whose behaviour you control. You get to choose how and when phone calls and messages get through to you. Read on for the features we offer and where we’re looking to add more.

Switchboard is currently in beta. In exchange for your patience while we learn how to make this product great for you, during the beta we’re offering lower prices and the chance for your voice to shape the future of our product. A win for everyone!

Enjoyable desktop and mobile experience

We designed Switchboard from the ground up for an enjoyable experience in both desktop and mobile browsers, both when online and offline.

SMS Forwarding

Never miss a message: forward your incoming SMS messages either to email or another phone number.

Phone Call Forwarding

Redirect any incoming phone calls to another number, or send them directly to a voicemail that will be emailed to you.

Speaking of voicemail – You know the awkward and error-prone process of recording a voice greeting for your callers? Switchboard lets you type a greeting that will be spoken by a lovely robot voice for them instead.

Much more to come

In the months to come, we’ll be ramping up with more features: more sign-in options (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, email), 2-way messaging, and phone-number blocking capabilities.

What features would you like to see? Reach out to one of us at @goswitchboardhq on Twitter or